Eager to challenge the status quo and introduce next generation fintech solutions to power the digital economy? You’ve come to the right place.

We bring to life the collective power of Visa’s tech infrastructure, global network and fintech expertise and Eleven’s resources and know-how in scaling startups to nourish the development and unlock the potential of fintech startup talent in transforming the way how we pay and get paid.

Stepping into a cab, grabbing a coffee on the go or ordering a sofa online – payments are everywhere. Tap, pass or blink… What is the next big thing?



Collectively raised by program's fintechs


Mentor hours with Visa, Eleven and fintech luminaries


Pitching sessions with potential clients, VC's and angel investors


Design sprints to solve startups' challenges


Global events in fintech hubs - Berlin, Tel Aviv, Paris, Vienna and Amsterdam


Successful POC's and Pilots with Visa and Visa's partners


We believe that the broader and more accessible digital payments infrastructure contributes to a more secure and inclusive world where consumers, businesses and economies may thrive.

All visionary fintechs are welcome to apply and join the pilot-centered and carefully-crafted Visa Innovation Program, powered by Eleven, addressing some of the hottest opportunities in the payment industry nowadays.

Following Visa’s ongoing commitment to empower women entrepreneurs around the globe, we encourage more female talent with solutions in fintech or driving social impact and sustainable development to apply in the Visa Innovation Program Season 2.



With Visa being the inspiration behind future payments and Eleven powering the entrepreneurial engine, Visa Innovation Program is the well-balanced mixture of tech infrastructure, strong mentorship power, fintech know-how, design expertise and talent that come together to bring to the market cutting edge fintech solutions faster and at a scale.

Come and join us to be one of 11 and achieve greater speed to market via Visa’s vast network of clients and partners.

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They are vivid real-life challenges for end consumers, small enterprises and financial institutions; fueled by the vast adoption of digital technologies and opportunities brought by new regulations.

Build Future of Retail

Accelerate Banking Transformation

Enhance Customer Experience

General Application

We welcome all ingenious solutions, shaping the future of payments or driving sustainable social impact. Feel free to innovate!

Build Future of Retail

Accelerate Banking Transformation

Enhance Customer Experience

General Application

We welcome all ingenious solutions, shaping the future of payments or driving sustainable social impact. Feel free to innovate!


The fintechs with the best developments within the Program may have the opportunity to launch a pilot with Visa or a bank and have extended access to Visa’s partner network.


Up to three-month equity-free innovation program nourishing your company’s development and tailoring your products through design thinking principles, seasoned mentorship and access to cutting-edge technologies, including novelty tools from Visa Developer Platform, cloud services and latest financial and consumer insights.


We know how hard it is for the new established fintechs to be recognized and become integrated within an enterprise – that’s why our Program is set to be a door-opener and sales cycle shortener for you through the bumpy road towards corporate pilots. Our team and digital champions will be with you during ups and downs and guide you to approach the POC phase faster.


Considering your challenges and growth strategies, you will be working side-by-side with international fintech domain experts from Visa and successful entrepreneurs from Eleven’s network, so you can elevate your products and solutions to transform the payment industry landscape. Your arrangements will be hand-picked and done case by case – one size fits all simply does not work both for you and for us.


  • PRE Program Phase

    Application Submission: May 7 - June 7 2019

  • CORE Program

    Design Sprints I Mentorship Sessions I Workshops I Brain Jams I June 20 - September 1 2019| Demo Day 30 September

  • POST Program Engagement

    Potential pilot and engagement in community activities, bringing many business opportunities and fellow entrepreneurs for mutual support.

The timelines above are indicative and we reserve the right to amend or modify the Program calendar if the circumstances require such changes.

Program Terms apply, see here.


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Our program is a door-opener which provides faster market access, shortened sales enterprise cycle and a ton of industry knowledge.

During the program development cycle, you will be engineering innovative solutions by having access to:


Diverse entrepreneurial network with global fintech industry luminaries and investors


Collaborative innovation ecosystem with domain experts and practitioners


Startup perks, essential tools and industry data


Latest APIs from Visa Developers Platform to supercharge your product


Masterclasses, workshops and peer to peer gatherings for practical knowledge exchange

Upon the completion of the program, selected fintechs will enjoy extensive benefits to bring innovation to scale via corporate engagements:


Tailored support to make you PoC-ready


Get fast-track PoC and partnership opportunities with banks and other players via Visa’s network


Shorten your products’ sales enterprise cycle


Access handpicked international events and conferences


Prioritized access opportunity to Visa’s Venture Program and potential EUR100K or larger investment offer from Eleven Founders Fund



If your team already has proof of concept targeted at the fintech industry or completed a market-ready solution, you are the right fit for Visa Innovation Program.



Startups and scale ups having a market-tested solution



An experienced team with an entrepreneurial spirit



A product addressing one of our ‘areas to reinvent’



Dedicated, passionate founders committed to create solutions that lead to PoCs with banks and enterprises



These are the six companies part of the first Visa Innovation Program season.


A strong network of seasoned mentors, global partners, powerful resources and vibrant community come together to accelerate the growth of the fintechs.


Our mentors come from various industries of the business and financial world. They are doers, not talkers, leaders not followers. The collective intelligence which they bring to the table will serve as a rocket fuel to your fintech spaceship.

  • Daniel Tomov
    Daniel Tomov Managing Partner, Eleven
  • Sevdalina Vassileva
    Sevdalina Vassileva General manager SEE, Visa
  • Vassil Terziev
    Vassil Terziev Managing Partner, Eleven
  • Ivaylo Simov
    Ivaylo Simov Managing Partner, Eleven
  • Rene Tomova
    Rene Tomova Design Partner, Eleven
  • Veselina Markova
    Veselina Markova Program manager Fintech, Eleven
  • Nikola Yanev
    Nikola Yanev Marketing Manager, Eleven
  • Boyko Iaramov
    Boyko Iaramov Co-Founder, Telerik Academy, Campus X
  • Svetozar Georgiev
    Svetozar Georgiev Co-Founder, Telerik Academy, Campus X
  • Zoran Arsovski
    Zoran Arsovski Digital Consultant, Verto Digital
  • Mladen Tomov
    Mladen Tomov Founder, Co-Transition
  • Jordan Petrov
    Jordan Petrov Managing Partner, Kickflip
  • Christian Tanev
    Christian Tanev Co-founder and Managing Partner, Develor Bulgaria
  • Svetla Simidchieva
    Svetla Simidchieva CEO, Placement Feed
  • Yoanna Genova
    Yoanna Genova Innovations Manager, Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria
  • Miroslava Georgieva
    Miroslava Georgieva Commercial Director, Gfk
  • Radostin Deyanov
    Radostin Deyanov Attorney-at-Law, PwC
  • Georg Shikov
    Georg Shikov Attorney-at-Law, PwC
  • Zornica Yanakieva
    Zornica Yanakieva COO, CashCredit
  • George Sharkov
    George Sharkov Adviser to the Minister of Defense, National Cybersecurity Coordinator
  • Deyan Vassilev
    Deyan Vassilev Founder and CEO, Moitepari and CreditLand
  • Maria Gergova-Bengsston
    Maria Gergova-Bengsston ЕО SEE Chapter President, Entrepreneurs'​ Organization
  • Stefan Grigorov
    Stefan Grigorov Country Innovations Manager of KBC Group in Bulgaria
  • Pavel Kaminsky
    Pavel Kaminsky PCI QSA, Head of Operations, 7Security
  • Kristina Lyubenova
    Kristina Lyubenova Senior Associate, Banking & Finance, Kinstellar
  • Maya Medzhedelieva
    Maya Medzhedelieva Senior Associate, TMT, Kinstellar
  • Elina Karpatcheva, PhD
    Elina Karpatcheva, PhD Chair, European Compliance Center
  • Branislav Hock
    Branislav Hock Founder, European Compliance Center
  • Iliyan Kotev
    Iliyan Kotev Digital Transformation Officer, Postbank
  • Radina Nedyalkova
    Radina Nedyalkova Founder, Vox Advisory
  • Polina Toskova
    Polina Toskova Country manager, MyPOS
  • Katerina Lamprou
    Katerina Lamprou Product and Market Development Senior Manager South East Europe, Visa
  • Guergana Stoichkova
    Guergana Stoichkova Director, Bulgarian Fintech Assosiation


Collaboration between

The Core Program will be designed and co-executed with the leaders of the Eleven Design Lab – Creative Shower.

We partner with frontier organizations leading disruption in their fields. Their involvement will accelerate your growth, providing you with untapped resources – exclusive data, innovative services and a market “playground”. And “Yes”, you’ll have access to all of them.



Specially curated selection of the most appealing perks in Cloud Services, Marketing and Automation, HR, Billing and Subscription management and AML&Compliance.


Vibrant community, bringing global exposure to many potential clients, peers and investors.


Do you engage with teams and projects from Bulgaria only?

No. In fact, we see true fintech innovation potential throughout the whole CEE region. Feel free to apply even if you are a company based outside of Bulgaria.
Just have in mind that some of the Program’s activities take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, so for the time being, you may need to visit Sofia often.

Do you offer a coworking space?

Since the program is non-residential and does not require your team’s presence daily, we do not offer free coworking space.
Nevertheless, as our partners, Campus X can offer discounted prices for their coworking services, either for your entire team or for individual team members.

Do you offer accommodation for teams travelling from different countries or cities?

No. We can’t offer any accommodation options for the participants.
Still, we may recommend some trusted service providers for finding long-term of short-term accommodation.

Do you provide funding for my company?

Not as part of the program. Eleven may optionally invest in companies that are seeking financing and are the right fit to the Eleven’s portfolio.

Do you take equity from my company?

No. We take no equity in the participating startups. Eleven may offer an investment to companies that are raising a financing round on a case-by-case basis.

If I am a solo-founder do I need a team in order to join the program?

We do strongly believe that a capable team is what makes or breaks a successful startup company. Thus, we are looking for teams with diverse skillset, market expertise and entrepreneurial spirit.

Is there a fee for participating in the program?

The program is completely free of charge for the participating companies and there is NO fee or equity stakeholding associated with taking part in the activities.

What are the main phases of the Program?

Pre-program phase

The Selection Jury comprising from experts from Visa and Eleven will review your application to get acquainted with your product / solution and team, and will evaluate potential matches with Visa/Visa Clients. It will also do an active scouting to find prospective candidates. In case initial fit is identified, you might be invited to an interview by Eleven’s team – the main objective is to validate your interest in participating in the Program and examine the mutual interest for further collaboration throughout the Program Core Phase.

Core program phase (3 + 3)

Main course (up to 3 months)

During the Main course of the Program (up to 3 months; non-residential), you will enter a carefully crafted bunch of workshops, mentoring sessions, networking and design sprints, anchoring Visa’s design thinking methodology and will work to elevate your business model to better fit the defined market challenges. The Program’s objective is to have you at a perfect shape and ready to examine future pilot opportunities with Visa/ Visa Clients with your product/solution being integrated into their offering.

The Main course’s schedule is tailored, depending on your/your mentors’ engagements and does not require you to be full time engaged with the Program within this period.

PoC Support (up to 3 months)

After the Main course, you will be entering in the PoC Support phase (another 3 months), where Eleven’s mentors in residence will guide you to approach the proof-of-concept (PoC) phase faster. You will be working side by side with experienced entrepreneurs who will help you to navigate with speed and ease the enterprise environment.


Post-program engagement

After the end of the Core program, you might be selected by Visa/Visa Client to launch a pilot. No matter the outcome, you will become part of our #OneOf11 family where we will further engage your team in community activities, bringing many business opportunities and fellow entrepreneurs for mutual support.

What do you provide to the participating companies?
  • Market access to potential clients and partners across Visa’s global network
  • Diverse mentor network involving Visa, Eleven, global fintech industry luminaries and bank experts
  • Access to global VCs and angel investors
  • Networking and exposure to international events and conferences
  • Latest APIs from Visa Developers Platform to supercharge your product
  • Masterclasses, design sprints, PoC and pilot support and peer to peer gatherings for practical knowledge exchange
  • Opportunity for EUR 100K convertible note or a larger investment by Eleven, considered on a case-by-case basis.
What is the duration of the program?

The program development cycle has a duration of up to three months, depending on the development stage of your company’s products and solutions.

Where I can find the Program terms and Conditions?

They are available here

Where is the Visa Innovation Program taking place?

The activities associated with the Visa Innovation Program take place on the premises of Campus X in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Who can participate?


  1. Startups and scale ups having a market-tested solution
  2. An experienced team with an entrepreneurial spirit
  3. A solution addressing one of our ‘areas to reinvent
  4. Committed and dedicated founders, ready to lead future pilot-centred project
Who runs/initiated the Visa Innovation Program?

The Visa Innovation Program is a collaborative initiative between Visa and Eleven Ventures.The Program is inspired and backed with knowledge and expertise by Visa and it is run by Eleven and within its community.

Will I get funded after the end of the program?

Perhaps. Eleven may offer a convertible note of EUR 100k or a larger investment to companies that participate in the program and are showing good progress.

Would you support a project that only targets the local market, but is very good and can be very profitable?

As a general rule, we believe the most successful startups will be easily scalable and can target global markets. In the beginning, you may be piloting with national clients, but we are looking for global growth ambition.

Lets change the future of fintech

This website and the innovation program is operated by Eleven. Your relationship is with Eleven and applications are made to them. You should only submit publicly available information as the information you submit during your application will not be treated as confidential information. If you are selected, your involvement in the program is conditional on you signing the Innovation Program Terms and Conditions, which form a binding contract between you and Eleven. Visa sponsors the program and may be involved in selection of participants, but Visa accepts no responsibility for the operation of the website or Innovation Program. For the avoidance of doubt, Eleven is not acting as an agent of Visa and has no authority to make commitments on behalf of Visa.

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