Our focus areas are vivid real-life challenges for end consumers, small enterprises and financial institutions, coming as a result of the vast adoption of new technologies and new financial regulatory business implications.

Build Future of Retail

  • Develop simple and secure payment experiences to accelerate digital payment habits
  • Create innovative experiences that bridge in-store and digital technology
  • Help SMEs enhance payment experience and provide digital tools for productivity
  • Speed up emergence of merchant propositions (e.g. new generation loyalty, installments etc.)

Accelerate Banking Transformation

  • Innovate mobile experiences on legacy banking systems leveraging open banking and new models
  • Accelerate banks’ efforts on developing user-friendly cyber-security solutions
  • Speed up efforts on cash replacement by new payment flows on card rails
  • Capitalize on banks’ network, trust factor and regulatory base for successful market entry

Power Cross-Border Economy

  • Create user friendly and transparent experience for travelers in-store and at ATM
  • Accelerate cross-border e-commerce through new, secure payment solutions
  • Explore inroads to international money transfers to replace cash
  • Help merchants engage travelers at key moments using data and analytics

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