The customer journey is dead. Long live the one click experience.


Customer excellence, customer centricity, customer journey, customer, customer.. We invest to delight our customer…

This was the main storyline of this year edition of Financial Forum Innovations. In a room dominated of top bankers the essence of ‘’digitalization’’ was broadly discussed in the context of customers’ needs, pains and desires. The whole event was charged with optimism and confidence for the future.

Digitalization – the stairway to heaven

How does the winning digital formula look like?

Sevdalina Vassileva, Executive Director, FiBank

According to Sevdalina Vassileva, Executive Director of First Investment bank and a mentor in the Visa Innovation Program, the holistic design of your digital strategy is what makes the difference. The digital and security first services, combined with internal processes’ optimization, investments in new platforms and development of lean, human centered, business models for particular customer segments cause a ripple effect throughout the whole organization and can help you to stand out. When we talk about customer centricity, we need to consider that nowadays the ‘one click’ concept encapsulates the whole idea of consumer journey. We would add here – the customer journey is dead. Long live the one click experience.

Levon Hampartzoumian, former CEO of UniCredit Bulbank,  highlighted that digitalization should not be done for the sake of checkboxing, it should bring real value to all stakeholders in the process, meaning both internally and externally. Computer, clerk, computer clerk is not a digitalization, right?

Bent Gjendem, CEO of Monobank, Norway based neobank in which TBI Bank Bulgaria has invested – presented their winning ‘’digital only’’ business model and the roadmap of shaping an emerging fintech startup company into a digital bank with only 50 employees. Impressive fact and an inspiring message for the audience.

Incumbents – fintech relationships

The forum was crowded, although the representation of the startup community could have been greater. There were a few ambitious young fintech companies in the room. The good news that resonated very well among the audience was that incumbents are becoming more open to cooperate with the emerging fintechs to create next generation financial services. This is exactly what the Visa Innovation Program, powered by Eleven, is and we are thrilled to see that this mindset is gaining popularity among the established players as well. This message is strong and meaningful – the whole ecosystem should start capitalizing on this positive trend and to create awareness among the different stakeholders, so that even “my mom also start talking about new fintech solutions” – shared Tal Sharon, CEO of Equitech.


Tal Sharon, CEO Equitech


Ivo Vasilev, CEO of Reloyalty one of Eleven’s promising fintech companies, was among the speakers in Innovation panel. ‘’Financial Forum Innovations is a great discussion platform and definitely an asset for the whole fintech community. I was delighted to be on stage with such forward thinking people, setting the right direction for further development of fintech-incumbent collaborative model’’, Ivo shared with us, right after the forum.

Ivo Vasilev , Founder and CEO Reloyalty (in the middle)

Photos: Financial Forum Innovations

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