In a sunny autumn day back in 2018 Hristo Borisov jumped in an unscheduled meeting at Campus X with Eleven and the team, leading Visa’s innovation efforts across SEE region. For every entrepreneur, losing 2 hours for generic talks with VCs and corporations without fundraising or even a tiny hint for a deal ahead, is definitely a waste of time but it happened that the fate had secured a different path for his company that particular day.

Less than four months later, Hristo’s company Payhawk was awarded the grand prize at  Paris Fintech Forum startup competition and started an innovation partnership with Visa, shortly after that. What Hristo experienced first hand and now firmly believes in is the ‘giving first culture’ (still largely missing out there, though) that his company took advantage of while cooperating with Visa.

It’s popular belief that most of the times incumbents try to take advantage of startups or tie them up with ‘no escape’ legal agreements and their relationship ends up like a well planned assimilation or like a vitamin injection with a short term effect… Well, not always!!

There are companies that understand the importance of giving and have the capability to lead confidently the dialog with upstarts. It may take time – but guys, before becoming founders many of you were part of the corporate machine, right? It may sometimes exceed your planned time frame, it may require to do some additional paperwork (nobody loves it, we know), you probably have to travel a bit more, but seeing your company’s growth is worth the effort.

Last week Hristo presented his success story with Visa Innovation Program in Istanbul during the kick-off event of Visa Innovation Program in Turkey. He met there potential enterprise clients and witnessed again how the environment becomes nurtured  – with empathy, with a common vision, with passion and a focused look towards what could be done better now to bring unsurpassed value tomorrow.

Tomorrow, May 30th, Hristo will be pitching at the Startup Competition of Digitalk 2019  Good luck!

Ping us to do a short intro to Hristo and you can chat about Visa Innovation Program.

Watch the latest video of Payhawk here


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