It’s been almost a month since we opened the Visa Innovation Hub and here is a brief wrap up on what happened there up to now. But wait, wait? It’s better to start with how it actually began…


While conceptualizing the Visa Innovation Program – the collaborative platform for daring fintech entrepreneurs and Visa’s partner network of banks and merchants –  we also put a focus on its physical form. We needed a space not only to host the core Program activities (such as workshops, mentorship sessions and trainings), but also to accommodate the needs of the wider fintech ecosystem –  and offer a flexible set up that allows easy transformation from a co-working area to a meetup hall, for example. The overall idea was to have a cozy and creative area that combines free work space, comfortable meeting zone and…supreme coffee experience.


… and we started from scratch! After several sessions with the nice team of Campus X, lots of briefings and design studios’ reviews, we found a great partner in this endeavor and kicked-off the transformation of the existing cafeteria of Campus X. Cache Atelier – a team of forward thinking designers – joined us with their fresh ideas and worked very hard to completely re-design the space and make it what it should be. 


Visa Innovation Hub is not a conventional office or co-working space. It evokes startups’ and Visa partners’ engagement in co-creation sessions using Visa’s design thinking methodology, also fosters the discovery, design and development of innovative fintech solutions. All these combined with the supreme coffee experience provided by one of the top coffee shops in the city – Chucky’s Coffee and Culture. Overall – a nice way to comfort yourself in the busy daily agenda.

For you to better understand the space alignment, furniture and overall vibe of the Visa Innovation Hub, we’ve prepare a 3D virtual tour. You can check it out by clicking the button below.


The curiosity-driven ethos of the startup community, made us to set up several events for fintechs in the upcoming month:

An event from the series Fintech Spotlight – AML and the fight against financial crime, powered by the Visa Innovation Program and the European Compliance Center – September 11th.

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Closed doors workshops for our Visa Innovation Program Startups: 

Stay tuned because we will be bringing even more brilliant, committed and creative people to work, live, and grow with at the Visa Innovation Hub.

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