#High Five – Marc Schillinger from eCollect

The articles in the #HighFive series have one goal and one goal only – present to you inspiring human beings and the companies they are part of in a quick and casual way. The exact way of the real high-five you do with a friend you meet on the street.

In this article we present to you Marc Schillinger who is the CEO of eCollect – a fully digital, end-to-end receivables management platform part of the second cohort in Visa Innovation Program.

Marc is an innovative entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in the debt collection industry. His previous role as an Executive Board Member in the 2nd largest debt collection company in Europe gave him the opportunity to expand the business into different markets, industries and product categories. Building up on his year-long expertise, Marc saw the incredible potential of boosting debt collection with best-in-class software solutions. Now, as a CEO of eCollect, he and his team are growing a unicorn – Europe’s leading Receivables Management Platform.

Now, let’s see what Marc thinks about our 10 #HighFive questions.

My superpower is… making people enthusiastic about a great journey.

One of my productivity hacks is… being truly passionate about every project I start.

If I am not an entrepreneur, I will be… searching for ways to be one… moving things forward is in my DNA.

For me success is… using disruptive technology in order to automate processes.

I dream of… making a positive impact with all my endeavours.


The problem which eCollect is tackling is… breaking silos and reducing complexity in the receivables management.

The UVP (Unique Value Proposition) of our product is… creating an end-to-end receivables management platform. Our technology is what makes us Europe’s leading FinTech platform for debt collection.

The hardest part about building a startup is… learning how to navigate through chaos and get people on board with a vision that inspires and motivates them.

I learned the hard way that… sometimes you need to take a step back in order to move forward. Taking time to reflect is key for building success in life.

We believe in our success, because…we are a unique piece of software combined with the strength of industry experienced people.

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If the entrepreneur and the company which we showcased got your interest in any way, you can reach Marc on LinkedIn and learn more about eCollect on their website.

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