#HighFive – Christian Tanev, Innovation Mentor

The articles in the #HighFive series have one goal and one goal only – present to you inspiring human beings and the companies they are part of in a quick and casual way. The exact way of the real high-five you do with a friend you meet on the street.

With the second series of articles in the #HighFive column we feature the Innovation Mentors, who work side by side with fintechs participating in the Visa Innovation Program S1. 

In this article we present to you Christian Tanev, innovation mentor and Managing director of Develor Bulgaria, where as a consultant and senior trainer his main role is to help companies achieve their expected business results.

Harry has over 15 years of management experience during 10 of which he has been HR Director. He is taking part in Develor’s most important projects and complex solutions for trainings or consulting services. His specialty is development of leaders and talents, strategic consulting, team management, customer experience, employee engagement and change management.

He has experience in implementation of Design Thinking methodologies and Lean startup approach in complex solutions like Innovation transformation, Customer experience, Employee engagement and etc.

Now, let’s dive right into the questions.

My superpower is … to sees challenges and failures as an opportunity for growth.

One of my productivity hacks is … to write down three of the most important tasks every morning and set specific time to check my email.

When I am not wearing my mentor’s hat I am … consultant and senior trainer in the corporate world.

For me success is … to learn something new no matter success or failure.

I dream of … to have more time for the mountains :).


The most exciting part of being a mentor is … after a hard work to see a happy and successful team.

A challenging part of being a mentor is … not to give the solution, but to help the team get to their own.

I became a mentor because … of the challenge to find sweet spot between corporate and stratups worlds and help them to grow together.

I decided to work with A4E because… they solve a real problem and are pushing hard towards new horizons.

I learned the hard way that … the most important thing is to understand what my clients really want a.k.a to sell services successfully.

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If the Innovation mentor which we showcased got your interest in any way, you can reach Christian on LinkedIn and say “Hi!”.

See you next week with another #HighFive.

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