#HighFive – Hristo Borisov from Payhawk

The articles in the #HighFive series have one goal and one goal only – present to you inspiring human beings and the companies they are part of in a quick and casual way. The exact way of the real high-five you do with a friend you meet on the street.

With the first series of articles in the #HighFive column we feature the founders of the startups participating in the Visa Innovation Program S1. 

In this article we present to you Hristo Borisov, co-founder of the fintech startup Payhawk.io, which is simplifying spend and expense management with smart Visa cards for growing businesses.

Hristo began his career as a software developer for Telerik, while still a computer science and business administration student at AUBG. He helped develop some of the award-winning products of the company that was acquired by U.S. giant Progress Software for $263 million in 2014.

Hristo is also a founding member of the Citizens App (Гражданите), a mobile application that as he said, “empowers polite and responsible citizenship through technology and mutual accountability.”

Now, let’s dive right into the questions.

My superpower is… sleeping before anything important.

One of my productivity hacks is… procrastinating.

If I am not an entrepreneur, I will be… a sailor.

For me success is… being positive and happy person every day.

I dream of… seeing my kids growing up.


The problem which Payhawk is tackling is… managing spend in growing companies.

The UVP (Unique Value Proposition) of our product is… a smart company card that kills paper and expense reports.

The hardest part about building a startup is… setting a vision that excites people.

I learned the hard way that… we can build world-class teams and products from Bulgaria.

We believe in our success, because… we never quit.

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If the entrepreneur and the company which we showcased got your interest in any way, you can reach Hristo on LinkedIn and learn more about Payhawk.io on their website.

See you next week with another #HighFive.

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