#HighFive – Ivan Stefanov from Notolytix

The articles in the #HighFive series have one goal and one goal only – present to you inspiring human beings and the companies they are part of in a quick and casual way. The exact way of the real high-five you do with a friend you meet on the street.

With the first series of articles in the new #HighFive column we begin with the founders of the startups participating in the Visa Innovation Program S1. 

In this article we present to you Ivan Stefanov, who is a renowned online security and fraud prevention specialist with extensive career in the field of e-commerce and online risk management.

Throughout the years he has lead a team of over 20 fraud prevention specialists as part of the management team in Moneybookers (later renamed to Skrill an now Paysafe Group), later becoming VP Risk Management Strategy & Innovation for the whole group. He also held a position as a lead of the Consumer Fraud and Payments department at the ecommerce giant Groupon in Switzerland

He has been part of NOTO (Notolytix) since inception and is a key contributor to the core product functionalities and features. Ivan’s current role includes benchmarking the NOTO solution against market competitors and overseeing the company development and innovation strategy.

Since the beginning of the year, Ivan also joined a newly emerged industry as SVP Risk Management for Crypto.com.

Now, let’s dive into the questions.

My superpower is… I dont have any superpowers

One of my productivity hacks is… to focus on one thing at the time.

If I am not an entrepreneur, I will be… Risk management professional

For me success is… to deliver a product that actually works.

I dream of… having at least one superpower


The problem which Notolytix is tackling is… to enable Risk, Compliance and Fraud professionals to make the most of their data and in-house knowledge and expertise.

The UVP (Unique Value Proposition) of our product is… the unmatched flexibility which NOTO offers when it comes to handling various transaction monitoring use cases. NOTO removes the need for multiple solutions to address all Regtech needs.

The hardest part about building a startup is… yo find the right founding team.

I learned the hard way that… extensive planning is required even for small projects.

We believe in our success, because… we deliver a product which solves a number of actual challenges in a growing marketplace.

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If the entrepreneur and the company which we showcased got your interest in any way, you can reach Ivan on LinkedIn and learn more about Notolytix on their website.

See you next week with another #HighFive.

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