We, at Eleven, know what it takes to build and sustain the growth of a young startup company. That’s why with the support of our partners Visa and Sopharma Trading we launched the Visa Innovation Program (in the fintech domain) and SOinventure (in the healthtech area). These programs are the door-opener and a helping hand to the entrepreneurs in their path towards securing first clients, building awareness and scaling globally. They provide access to large network of potential customers, diverse resources, access to mentors, exposure at events and conferences and many more.   

In addition to the benefits coming from our corporate partners, we are glad that we can offer our entrepreneurs access to an even wider network of curated partners and providers. These include professional services and special deals for a variety of daily business needs.

Trusted service providers

With the help of our community we have built a growing list of over 50 service providers that have been tested and are recommended by our founders. Whenever our Program startups need professional services or friendly advice from solid industry players to boost their company’s  growth, we can help them to digest the list and find the best possible solution.

The list is constantly being enriched, covering needs such as contacts in PR and advertising agencies’, lawyers in the US, factories in China and many more. It’s a living resource bank and the first stop for our founders when they look for expert help.

Special deals and discounts

We have established partnerships with various technology providers, who extend special deals to the startups in the Eleven family. For example, some of the most sought after offers give generous amounts of free credits to the popular cloud services on the market. We realize that waving the IT bill for a couple of years can really make a difference for a startup’s cash flow. 

Leveraging GAN’s founder-first mindset 

As an active member of the GAN community, we offer our startups access to the GAN’s large array of benefits. In addition to the wide network of global investors and VCs, accelerators and peers, GAN has established a pool of services and practical resources that the whole community could benefit from. These include free or discounted access to nearly 200 digital services that cover cloud infrastructure, marketing tools, customer support software etc.  In addition to that, GAN provides many more benefits. Entrepreneurs can be hosted in the offices of other GAN members when they do business travel. Startups can also request connection to the mentors and corporate partners within GAN. We are proud to be a part of this organization which is built on the basis of mutual help among startup champions all around the world.

For us being #OneOf11 means that you are not alone and we will continue  to surround our entrepreneurs with the best people and resources to create great companies.

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